New Centralized Job Posting Site for Brown County

BEDCThe Brownwood Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is working with local employers to help promote the many job openings in the Brownwood Area. The BEDC has created a job listings page on its website: The site lists job openings from multiple Brown County employers. The website also has postings from local staffing agencies and the Texas Workforce Commission. The goal for the job site is to provide a centralized place for a wide variety of job listings to make the job search easier for applicants and to connect people outside of the Brownwood Area to local job information.

“Brownwood is growing, and there are several hundred jobs available right now,” said Emily Crawford, Executive Director of the BEDC. “We encourage people who have been commuting out of Brownwood for work to see the local job openings and consider applying for them. We also hope the available jobs will draw more people to move to the area.” With an unemployment rate of 4.1%, a larger labor pool is needed.

The BEDC encourages the community to view and share the job posting website to help local business in Brownwood thrive. Companies are encouraged to post their job openings, which can be done on the website or by contacting Ruth Willis at the BEDC at 325-646-1637 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no cost to post a job on the website; however, it is limited to Brown County jobs.

To promote the job openings in the Brownwood Area, the BEDC is launching an advertising campaign locally and across the State. The local campaign will inform job seekers where to find jobs, as well as encourage community members to share the job openings with their network of friends and families interested in moving to Brownwood. Outside of the local area, the ad campaign will inform people of the opportunity to work in Brownwood and enjoy the benefits of the area.